Total timeline

Timeline of most major events in SOE’s life.

Jul 2019 → Founded Forever Fleet, working toward making it a nation by 2022
Dec 2018 → Complex optimizer Genetix Computing HOP bought back to SamfundsTanken
Jun 2018 → Co-founded UBIseed, a digital currency to lessen poverty by basic income
Mar 2018 → NERVE goes public with Nerve Switch® battery and super-charger
Feb 2018 → I signed the Pro-Truth Pledge
Dec 2017 → My sister graduates as graphic artist, now far from depressed
Nov 2017 → Provides charging spot data sorting system for CleanCharge
Nov 2017 → Self-driving taxis like the Public Cruiser are commercialized
Oct 2017 → Selling last shares of Mobility And Energy Corporation (MEGA)
Oct 2017 → NERVE gets 18 million DKK from EU to develop B-HPC chargers
Aug 2017 → TED talk about the limits of human understanding of risk
Jul 2017 → True Cousins take their 8th electric drag racing world record
Jun 2017 → At Folkemødet Bornholm to talk about UBInow and general politics
May 2017 → UBI expert Guy Standing compliment SamfundsTanken in his new book
May 2017 → MEGA hires at least one new employee per month onwards
Apr 2017 → CleanCharge Solutions joins NERVE in HOXOH Group (later MEGA)
Nov 2016 → NERVE receives Innovation Week 2016 Award from Emirates Ministry
Nov 2016 → NERVE receives UAE Smart Mobility Award for Best Overall Tech
Nov 2016 → GulfTraffic and FutureMobility conferences in Dubai for NERVE
Nov 2016 → Genetic Computing is bought into HOXOH Group (later MEGA)
Oct 2016 → NaTrans EXPO in Abu Dhabi, with Public Cruiser and Loyal Monster
Sep 2016 → Lena and Tine begin receiving UBI from me and SamfundsTanken
Sep 2016 → UBInow presented at UBI Nordic conference in the Danish Parliament
Aug 2016 → NERVE (renamed Nerve Smart Systems) is entered into HOXOH Group
Jul 2016 → Buys house with Trine‘s two sisters, to care more for them
Jun 2016 → On Folkemødet Bornholm with SafeBike and UBInow (basic income)
Jun 2016 → 01AI and AFUTURE EV are combined in NERVE (Next Road Vehicle)
May 2016 → UBInow version of uncond. basic income recognized by universities
Mar 2016 → Co-founding the political party list OverskudsSamfundet
Sep 2015 → Co-founding the scientific society think tank SamfundsTanken
Oct 2015 → The newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad writes short biography about me
Oct 2015 → Administrates trading pool of approx. 1.8 million DKK
Jun 2015 → On Folkemødet Bornholm with SafeBike and unc. basic income (UBI)
Jun 2015 → Take my leave as chairman for 204 homes in Alderstroest, after 4 yrs
May 2015 → My love, Trine, dies of her PTSD due to many welfare system failures
Apr 2015 → Iowa State University and NASA endorses EADP’s asteroid defence
Apr 2015 → SamfundsCentret have helped 100+ disadvantaged and next of kin
Mar 2015 → Co-funded Emergency Asteroid Defence Project (EADP)
Mar 2015 → 01AI is bankrupted by lawyers, in case similar to Peer Kølendorf’s
Jan 2015 → Founding CPH SafeBike; car-like bikes to move children and goods
Dec 2014 → Hands-on caretaker and cleaning worker for SamfundsCentret
Nov 2014 → Founding SamfundsCentret, a better center for unemployed
Nov 2014 → Founding Task Force Humanity to mitigate death by age, poverty and asteroids
Apr 2014 → Founding the association Samfundsnytte, to help the disadvantaged
Jan 2014 → Part of founding and funding the Alternative political party
Dec 2013 → 01AI is among the Top-10% companies in its class in Denmark
Nov 2013 → Provided humanoid EEG-controlled robot for quadriplegic boy
Aug 2013 → My sister starts education as (very talented) graphic artist
Jul 2013 → True Cousins’ TC-9 makes first world record
Jun 2013 → Partook in 2045 Initiative‘s launch in New York
2012 – Working as consultant for Danish Railroads, reducing DSB First disaster
Dec 2011 → Initiated research on Emergency Asteroid Defence Project (EADP)
Nov 2011 → Co-founded the Nordic Electric Vehicle Association
Jul 2011 → Co-founding Genetix Computing, building on the HOP software
May 2011 → World Electric Tour is greeted by Danish Minister of Energy
Apr 2011 → EV200 on World Electric Tour goes 300 km on a single charge
Mar 2011 → The container with ‘Green’ from New York is received in Spain
Jan 2011 → EV200 ‘Green’ is presented at Detroit Motorshow 2011
Jan 2011 → AFUTURE EV is bankrupted by ferry fire damage claim
Dec 2010 → ‘Green’ from Electric World Tour has reached San Francisco
Nov 2010 → Oslo Boat ferry fire, by unknown component failure
Oct 2010 → ‘Green’ is put into the ocean transport container from Shanghai
Oct 2010 → World Electric Tour is centerpiece at EXPO2010 in Shanghai
Mar 2010 → Met Trine, the love of my life until her death in 2015
Mar 2009 → Founding 01 Advanced Innovation (01AI) for consultancy
Mar 2009 → Co-founding AFUTURE EV, to built the EV200 electric car
Dec 2008 → CUSTOM is closed and the software assets split up
Aug 2007 → Starting work for the Danish Railroads (DSB) as analyst
Aug 2007 → I share my apartment with my depressed sister, to care for her
Jun 2007 → Graduates as Engineer from Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
May 2007 → CUSTOM develops Harbor Creator, for 3D yacht harbor planning
Apr 2007 → Receives recommendation from SEED Capital for business plan
Dec 2006 → My sister shows signs of depression after my father’s suicide
Aug 2006 → CUSTOM is co-founded, to provide tower crane software to SKANSKA
Aug 2006 → Receives recommendation from SKANSKA for software project
Jun 2006 → Studies use of unarmed MQ-9 Reaper drones for border patrolling
Nov 2005 → My father commits suicide after failures in the psychiatric system
Aug 2004 → Followed RUC psychology courses with dyslexic girlfriend
Mar 2004 → Studies the first self-driving cars at DARPA Grand Challenge
Jun 2003 → Graduates from HTX (Higher Technical Exam) with 10.4 avg.
0, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
Mar 2002 → Father helps defeating Toshiba International in lawsuit over PC
Jun 1997 → First businesses started, based on PC games and newspapers
Nov 1988 → My sister is born, and the collective has slowly split up
Aug 1984 → Born in Gladsaxe, Denmark, in a small liberal collective