Stock Trading ‘Flex’

Annoyed with some people loudly doubting that I understand stocks, because I do not currently want to own them myself (because venture capitalism and FOREX options have better returns on investment over my <10 year timeframes and relatively small personal funds due to my charity work), I entered the Børsens Aktiespil; the most prestigious stock trading contest in Denmark – and placed myself in the top 0.3% among 50,000+ contestants, with less than one hour spent, by predicting the soon-to-be rise of the Tesla Motors stock and gaining a 128% ROI in less than one month. But it was just an academic flex; I will not do day-trading because of the risks involved due to the total market volatility that can ruin even the best of predictions for years: Stocks should in my opinion be mainly used as 10+ year investments diversified for guarantied 10-15% p.a. returns in the long run, no more and no less.