VCFS – Venture Capital Financing of Society foundation

The Venture Capital Financing of Society (VCFS) foundation is an investment fund with a scientific solution to sustainable profits.

VCFS is focused on clear terms plus massive data analysis by proprietary software and vast SRI (Socially Responsible Investments) entrepreneur experience, in a team that leverages the pros of SRI investments while avoiding the cons of general venture capital funds.

VCFS currently gives 5-9% interest rates to investors in return for 0.5-50 year loans, gives effective and patient liquidity to companies and provides benefits to society through the earnings.

I co-founded VCFS in 2017 as a means to finance society without taxing the employees, who with current automation rate will be mostly unemployed within very few years:

We all want a safe and stable society.

We all want a society with many resources.

We all want to pay as little tax as possible, preferably nothing.

We all want to earn money, without having to work for every coin.

We can realize that, by making society a venture capital investor.