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Nissan Ariya pole-to-pole

Nissan Ariya has driven pole-to-pole!

Nissan Ariya, a sort-of-grandchild to the converted Nissan that Nina, Hjalte, I and our team drove around 34,000 km around the world 2010-2011, has now driven pole-to-pole! Congrats ­čÖé A Nissan Ariya has become the..Read More

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3 billionaires invest in NERVE

I left NERVE Smart Systems quite a few years ago after founding the company and help build some of their technology, and I am happy to see them still drawing in strong investors from the..Read More

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Stock Trading ‘Flex’

Annoyed with some people loudly doubting that I understand stocks, because I do not currently want to own them myself (because venture capitalism and FOREX options have better returns on investment over my <10 year..

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Steering Story comes by

Praveen from the world tour Steering Story comes by to say hallo and have a look at ‘Green’ from the Electric World Tour.

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Quantum computing patent

Together with Genetix Computing and global experts I made a quantum computing patent for more mobile, durable and environmental quantum computers, based on natural room temperature quantum coherence inspired by the human brain. Sadly a..