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NeRVe becomes Nerve Smart Systems

NeRVe is renamed Nerve Smart Systems, and begins to focus more on electric infrastructure than development of vehicles. I distance myself a bit from this, since it is not my area of expertise, although still..

Short biography in newspaper

The newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad writes short biography about me, primarily related to the asteroid defence / EADP.

Chairman at Alderstrøst

Take my leave as chairman for 204 homes in Alderstroest, after 4 years, when I move from Copenhagen to Roskilde.

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ESA endorses EADP

Iowa State University and ESA (European Space Agency) endorses EADP’s asteroid defence, shortly followed by NASA.

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Co-founded asteroid defence

Co-funded Emergency Asteroid Defence Project (EADP), to implement a practical defence against asteroids and comets at risk of impacting Earth cities, such as the Chelyabinsk meteor of 15th February 2013.

01AI is bankrupted

01AI is bankrupted by Kammeradvokaten (a private lawyer most of the time acting on behalf of the Danish state), in case similar to Peer Kølendorf’s (which took 9 years to rectify) and earning them millions..Read More

Founding SamfundsCentret

Founding SamfundsCentret, a great help for the unemployed. Found jobs and helped dealing with tough cases. I also acted in the field as caretaker and cleaning worker.