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TC-9 first World Record

True Cousins’ TC-9 electric drag racer gains their first world record (of many!) – my organizations provided partial knowledge, equipment and capital.

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Recommendation from DSB

Still working as consultant for Danish Railroads, reducing DSB First disaster and getting recommendation from the administrative director, Gert Frost.

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Co-founding Genetix

Co-founding Genetix Computing ApS, building on the software from DSB together with people from IBM and Augsburg University, as well as investors from AFUTURE EV. Today among the best decision optimization systems for big complex..

AFUTURE EV bankrupted

AFUTURE EV is bankrupted by ferry fire damage claim, which our insurance denied to cover due to the ferry’s deck being claimed as ‘international water’ by them, counter to the ferry company’s own claim, putting..

Oslo Boat ferry fire

Oslo Boat ferry fire, by unknown component failure in one of our EV200. We worked with the authorities for 1.5 years to get to the bottom of the case, but despite all efforts could come..