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Stock Trading ‘Flex’

Annoyed with some people loudly doubting that I understand stocks, because I do not currently want to own them myself (because venture capitalism and FOREX options have better returns on investment over my <10 year..

Short biography in newspaper

The newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad writes short biography about me, primarily related to the asteroid defence / EADP.

Chairman at Alderstrøst

Take my leave as chairman for 204 homes in Alderstroest, after 4 years, when I move from Copenhagen to Roskilde.

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My love, Trine, dies

My love, Trine, dies of her PTSD due to many welfare system failures. They called it suicide, but I and many others consider it murder by government.

01AI is bankrupted

01AI is bankrupted by Kammeradvokaten (a private lawyer most of the time acting on behalf of the Danish state), in case similar to Peer Kølendorf’s (which took 9 years to rectify) and earning them millions..Read More

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Met Trine, love and PTSD

Met Trine, the love of my life until her tragic death in 2015, and in 2011 trained her (with professional teachers) the service dog Akito to help her find security and comfort despite severe PTSD..Trine & Akito